What is this site? (boring information)

This site provides all the information I know about Rubies of Eventide, an MMORPG (

Rubies of Evendide is offline! This is what you can read on their site:

Someone is trying to bring back the game. However he doesn't know how to contact the owners of RoE. If you know how to contact them, send an email to

Spoiler warning: If you want to find out yourself how the game works without help, please don't look at this site.

This site is based on, and because those are the sites with the most information on Rubies Of Eventide.

This is one of the first sites I make and I know I am not verry good in making sites, so it could be that some things aren't pretty or don't work very well.

If you see mistakes or you know something important about the game that isn't on the site, please mail me.

I stopped playing Rubies of Eventide myself. I'll leave my site online for you guys, but I won't update it a lot anymore.


Site news:

A new page was added for mods. You can now search for a specific mod and I'll try to add other peoples mods in the future.

I've updated the spells page on the site. It is no longer a pdf and you can now search by spellschool or by effect.

The atlas pages have been rewritten. You can now see what mobs are present in the zone you are looking at. It is possible to go to that mobs page by clicking on it.
You can go to neighbouring zones by clicking on the map or the tekst links below the map.

I've moved my site to I hope I can keep the domain name this time.

The mobs-database has been converted to php. This way I'm able to add screenshots later on.
The screenshots for the pet-database are also added.

I've added a pet-database. Will add screenshots as soon as I have my good pc back.

I'm starting with a role-playing character. I've added the story behind the character on the website.
You can read it by clicking on 'story' in the navigation bar on the left.

I switched the guestbook to the same host as the webiste.
I'm also changing the items database into a sql-database. This way it's easyer to arrange it.

I added new vampire head textures on the downloads page.

I'm converting all pages to php so I can get rid of all the in-line frames and code duplication. While doing this I'm also changing the layout.
As you might notice, it isn't finished yet but I'm working on the other parts.

I have completed the monster database. This means that all pages are online now.
I also made a little guide for how to play the game in widowed mode because the game doesn't support widescreen resolutions. You can find the guide in the downloads page.
Since I have to go to university there won't come much new updates.

I saw that I uploaded the wrong guide yesterday, this is fixed now. I also added some screenshots and a texture for female elves I made a while ago.
I also replaced the deities section (wich had 2 views in 5 months lol) with a more usefull page with formulas. I didn't want to change all links on the site, so the page for formulas is called deities lol.

I uploaded a new version of my printable guide. It has a better layout and has pagenumbers. You can find it in the downloads section.

I saw that noone visited the dutch part of my site, so i deleted it to make more room. I used that room to put all my main builds on the site. You can now see what my character builds are.

I moved the site to a new host because the old one was too expensive. It could be that some links are broken, please mail me if you find a broken link.

I've worked for over a week on the items database, but now it is finally online :-) I have put all information I knew in this database, but for some items i didn't have the stats or the description. Please mail me if u know them.

I've changed the site layout.

Some parts of the site are available in Dutch.

Added some screenshots I still had. More screenshots will come.

Added a counter and finished the atlas pages.
The site has everything I planned to put on it. If you want to see something added, just mail me.

The armor stats page was added to the site.

I have added a beginners guide and guestbook.

The site is partially online.

Today I had the idea to make a site about my favorite game, Rubies of Eventide.


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Note that Internet Explorer will make a mess of the layout of this site(why doesn't that surprize me? lol)
Install Firefox and you'll have a safer, better and lighter browser.



This website was created by Tman and provides information about Rubies of Eventide, devlopped by Mnemosyne LLC.
Some of the information was taken from ROE Warcry and Lore of Eventide.