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Carthas (map2201)

Neighbouring zones:
  1. Highlands
  1. Halreck, Kuvor, Karwith and Ponri
  2. Tent with Jallit and Azidrada
  3. Material market with X'ayden, Mika, Whinfred and Travius
  4. Broken Blades with Quodaris, Yaladi and Norimar and Demar on the eastern terrace.
  5. House with Sinda
  6. Fleet of Foot office run by Unak
  7. Mill and N'Kandra
  8. Magic guild with Secket and N'Kara
  9. Temple with Naedina
  10. Fletching table
  11. Forge
  12. Loom
  13. Heart's Rest Inn with Fynn, Zentah, Vesteri and Rintner
  14. Armor merchants Onjoo and Deadra
  15. Stables
Killable mobs in this zone:


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