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Harrowed Wold (map2100)

Neighbouring zones:
    north: Highlands
    west: Karenthian Bluffs
  1. Halerma center with Hetta near the houses of Orshinaia and V'rekti Sam on the north side, Aedyt, Nethe, Aeduard running around, Aetia, Iuliana, Bedoe, Guaire, Brann at the fish shops and Kara near the Tavern. Sechnassach, Amalgaid and Anquetille are up in the tower.
  2. Halerma temple with Tryntia and Wouter & Orekm near the stables
  3. The Fisherman's Rest run by Menas and Apecz
  4. Halerma Weaponsmith Yssenstrud and Alard. Upstairs are Koveia, Lyante and Wiprecht on the balcony is Kozel.
  5. Halerma Docks with Sessot 100, Noe, Ionnes on the north dock, Karie and Ailill in the water and at night Lethe on the south dock
  6. Tipsy Oyster Inn with Sevaine, Viet, Seidel and Becc
  7. House with Captain Lain and her Krakens
  8. Volganon with Sgt Kendall, Squire Relthair, Trooper Tk'hurak, Sgt Belthain, Squire Smalley, Trooper Grath, Strom, Clarg, Trooper Ugnak and Kenda on the first floor. Trooper Kvarek and Barlett on the second, Grembeland Katherine under the ramp up and Unta & Rethen on the barricades. Killable mobs in this zone:

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