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Kaj Blood (map1201)

Neighbouring zones:
  1. Kaj Blood Plains
  2. Founders Isle
  1. Warden's office with Laramere and Aesilar
  2. Adelindae
  3. Ranged weapon merchant Penylrae
  4. Melee weapon merchant Odova
  5. Item dyer, Kendarius
  6. Armor shack with Jorosh and Haynderi
  7. Vera's Odd Items
  8. Inn with innkeeper Edyanna
  9. Alchemist shop with Stravius and Arundal
  10. Magic guild with Bulaqueth,Sethon,Marae and Xallijin downstairs and Denrik and Faheen upstairs
  11. Gazebo with fletching station, Chavish and W'aklatha
  12. Portal pad with Harmony
  13. General store owned by Mirany
  14. Smithing trainer Gurundar
  15. Sarra and Jaredin
  16. Sage Brendala
  17. Forge
  18. Loom
Killable mobs in this zone:


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