My builds

Here is a list of all the builds I have. They are far from being completed, but this is just to give you an idea how to build your character. Some of them are made to kill a specific mob and only a few of them are suitable for pvp. (well al of them can be used for pvp, but they have verry little chances to win compared to the others.)
Please note that these builds aren't the best builds you can make, I'm sure there are much better builds around Vormis. It is just to give you an example.
All these builds are lvl 51, but in-game they haven't reached that lvl yet. Their current lvl is also shown here.
If you are starting to play and you are scared your build will be a complete mess you can copy these, but it is much more fun if you use them to get ideas and build your own character.

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  My builds


Race Leshy
Profession Shaman
Skills strength 20
constitution 35
intelligence 95
dexterity 40
armor 25
conjuring 64
druidic 390
illusion 431
shamanic 431
summoning 400
spellcraft 200
focus 350
Items conjuring: notite rings (2), norite bracers, earrings, necklace, jerkin +84
druidic: earrings, necklace of fang, artisan jerkin +50
illusion: necklace, earrings, jerkin +29

shamanic: earrings, necklace, jerkin, staff, bracelets (2) +69
summoning: chalite jerkin, bracelets (2), earrings, necklace, +70
other: full chalite, archemagi staff
Usage This build was made to buff and heal parties. It has many spellschools and low spellcraft because that saves me mana and step 3 buffs don't make much difference. It is good at healing in bane 3 and can solo 1 vampire in ruins.
I made this char because some people didn't want to buff tanks to save their mana :S, so I wanted to help the other tanks.
Current lvl
Build date februari 2005 and respeced januari 2006
If items are red, it means you have to switch these items for buffs. I never use potencies because I hate having a lack of mp.
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Some of the information was taken from ROE Warcry and Lore of Eventide.