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Broken Bellows
You need 300 base weaponsmithing or armorsmithing to start this quest.
Talk to Trooper Grath in Volganon, he will ask you for help. Tell him you accept without asking for a reward.
You will now have to go to Halerma. Talk to Ysentrud Stormhammer, he will tell you to talk to his apprentice Alard. Alard will give the bellows.
Return to Volganon and give the bellows to Trooper Grath.
He will give you 20 praxite and a forgemate.
Dark Lord Quest
For this quest you need a character that has a good reputation with the sashites and has high intelligence. If you don't need the sould bound sashite fang, you should make a new character for the quest. I always use a leshy necromancer, but some people like to use a leshy ethernalist.
You will need 150 int (if you are a necromancer) and otherwise 175 int to start this quest, so you will need someone who buffs you or items.
My build has 95 base int + adept hood (9) adept jerkin (9) dragon tooth daggers (5+5) bracelets of dark insight (10+10) rings of intuition (2+2) pixie dust (21) dark insight step2 (5) and essence of darkness step2 (5) and an archemagi staff to cast the second step.
That is a total of 178 int, but with the necromancer 150 is enough (I tried it)
Get your character in ruins 2 (use a pet so you have more chance to run through ruins 1, it is certainly possible to get through without getting hit, i did it several times)
Talk to Briwyn and choose "I'm not here to fight you.", followed by "You are sashites." then "What do you want me to do?" and "I will retrieve the idol, tell me more."
Since you have a character under lvl 6 do a /die and /rtt to get back out. You will have to go to Birchwood Inn. Talk to Andrev the bartender and ask him "I'm looking for a silver idol, have you seen anyone with one?" then"Please help me. It is very important that I find it." followed by "Where is it now?" then "Is there anything I could trade for the Idol?" and "I will be back with the charm. Goodbye."
Do a /die and /rtt again and take 99 iron ore out of your vault. Go to Kendall Falls city and talk to the golem maker Eszti. Tell him "You heard of an item called Vibrant Charm?" followed by "I'm looking for one for a friend." and "I'll get your iron." Give the iron to him. He will give a Vibrant Charm. If this is where you did the quest for, stop here. If you want a cloak, continue.
Do a /die and /rtt again and go back to Birchwood Inn. Give the Vibrant Charm to the bartender and he will give you an idol. If you want an Erosian Cloak, bring it to Haramon, the rezzer in the keep. If you want a Dark Lord Cloak (and a sould bound sashite fang), bring it to Briwyn.
Element's rage
When you have 300 base sorcery, talk to the sorcery trainer in Kajblood. You will have to deliver a scroll.
Go to Halerma and give the scroll to Orekh. He will ask you a larn too.
Return to the sorcery trainer in kaj blood and he will give you the larn back and you will be able to learn Element's Rage.
Norite ring
Talk to Norimar in the pub in Carthas. Select the following options: "I'm looking for adventure", "Sounds pretty dangerous, what exactly would I be recovering?" and "I will help you recover the ring" Don't ask about a reward or what the ring is.
Give him the norite ring. (kill Thalas in Ruins 2 if you don't have one already)
Norimar will give you 20 praxite and Norite bracers.
Step between worlds
Short version: Needs 150 base summoning. Collect 99 yellow orbs from imps and talk to summon trainer in kajblood. He will learn you the spell step between worlds. This spell teleports you to kaj blood plains.
Full text coming soon. (When I will have a character with enough summoning to do it)
Call woodland trickster
Short version: Needs 250 base druidic.  Talk to rezzer in Halerma. He will offer to learn you the Call woodland trickster spell that summons a pixie.
Full text coming soon. (When I will have a character with enough druidic to do it)
Ow and one more thing so you wouldn't spam /h: here is where Torvok is but at night only:



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