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Spellschool: All, Bardic, Conjuring, Druidic, Illusion, Necromancy, Shamanic, Sorcery, Summoning
Effect: STR, INT, DEX, CON, skill, evasion, heal, regen, ward, summon, curse, attack, conjure, teleport
When the spell effect says #error#, it is most likely a spell that only exists on Nemsis server.

All spells
Strong Words10Bardic+str
Minor Melodic Shield20Bardicward
Minor Song of Rejuvenation30Bardicheal
Clarity of Purpose40Bardic+int
Songster’s Companion50Bardic#error#
Minor Finesse60Bardic+skill (all weaponskills)
Revealing Hymn70Bardic+skill (lore)
Song of Healing80Bardichealing
Sharp Note90Bardicattack
Marching Tune100Bardic#error#
Shield of Song120Bardicward
Clarity of Mind140Bardic+int
Artful Dodger150Bardic+evasion
Silver Tongue160Bardic+skill (languages)
Lesser Revealing Hymn170Bardic+skill (lore)
Hymn of Healing180Bardichealing
Sour Note190Bardicattack
Reprise200Bardichealing (resurrect)
Mezzo Forte210Bardic+str
Sonic Ward220Bardicward
Song of Rejuvenation230Bardichealing
Clarity of Thought240Bardic+int
Skilled Technique260Bardic+skill (weaponskills)
Revealing Hymn270Bardic+skill (lore)
Chant of Healing280Bardichealing
Discordant Note290Bardicattack
Arousing Air300Bardic#error#
Hymn of Protection320Bardicward
Greater Song of Rejuvenation330Bardichealing
Clarity of Being340Bardic+int
Cat’s Sense350Bardic#error#
Golden Tongue360Bardic+skill (languages)
Greater Revealing Hymn370Bardic+skill (lore)
Serenade of Healing380Bardichealing
Dissonant Note390Bardicattack
Bard’s Charm400Bardic#error#
Jondamars Protective Psalm420Bardicward
Major Song of Rejuvenation430Bardichealing
Clarity of Soul440Bardic+int
Bar Hopping450Bardic#error#
Jack of All Trades460Bardic+skill (weaponskills)
Major revealing Hymn470Bardic+skill (lore)
Symphony of Healing480Bardichealing
Cacophonous Note490Bardicattack
Potent Ballad500Bardic#error#
Spray of Stone10Conjuringattack
Skin of Clay20Conjuringward
Might of Clay30Conjuring+str, +con
Minor Weight of Stone40Conjuringcurse (-str)
Clay Soldier50Conjuringsummon Clay Soldier
Touch of the Forge60Conjuring+skill (crafting skills)
Nor's Touch70Conjuring+skill (encumbrance, mining)
Grasping Hands of Clay80Conjuringmovement lowering curse
Conjure Minor Item90Conjuring#error#
Lesser Crystal Sphere100Conjuringstrong ward, gone after 1 hit
Slicing Shards110Conjuringattack
Skin of Stone120Conjuringward
Might of Stone130Conjuring+str, +con, -dex
Lesser Weight of Stone140Conjuringcurse (-str, -dex)
Lesser weight of Stone140Conjuringcurse (-str, -dex)
Miner’s Portal150Conjuring#error#
Mind of the Forge160Conjuring+skill (crafting skills)
Solidify170Conjuringcurse (-evasion)
Grasping Hands of Stone180Conjuringmovement lowering curse
Conjure Lesser Item190Conjuring#error#
Lesser Crystal Aura200Conjuringstrong ward, gone after 1 hit
Spray of Rocks210Conjuringattack
Skin of Iron220Conjuringward
Might of Iron230Conjuring+str, +con, -dex
Weight of Stone240Conjuringcurse (-str, -con)
Carthas Gate250Conjuring#error#
Heart of the Forge260Conjuring+skill (crafting skills)
Nor's Blessing270Conjuring+skill (encumbrance, mining)
Grasping Hands of Iron280Conjuringmovement lowering curse
Conjure Item290Conjuring#error#
Mass Warding300Conjuringmultitarget strong ward, gone after 1 hit
Spear of Quartz310Conjuring#error#
Skin of Steel320Conjuringward
Might of Steel330Conjuring+str, +con, -dex
Greater Weight of Stone340Conjuringmovement lowering curse
Conjure Infernal Rod350Conjuring#error#
Soul of the Forge360Conjuring+skill (crafting skills)
Calcify370Conjuringcurse (-evasion)
Grasping Hands of Steel380Conjuring#error#
Conjure Greater Item390Conjuring#error#
Crystal Sphere400Conjuringstrong ward, gone after 1 hit
Spray of Boulders410Conjuringattack
Skin of Magic420Conjuringward
Might of Magic430Conjuring+str, +con, -dex
Major Weight of Stone440Conjuringcurse (-str, -dex)
Conjure Zoetic Rod450Conjuring#error#
One With the Forge460Conjuring+skill (crafting skills)
Nor's Grace470Conjuring+skill (encumbrance, mining)
Nor's Inescapable Grasp480Conjuring#error#
Conjure Major Item490Conjuring#error#
Iron Guardian500Conjuring#error#
Nature's Strength10Druidic+str
Minor Arctic Blast20Druidicice attack
Nature's Touch30Druidichealing
Nature's Grace40Druidic+dex, +con
Call Woodland Creature50Druidicsummon bear cup, wolf pup or young boar
Glimpse of the Predator60Druidic+str, +dex, +skill (staves, unarmed, dualweapon), -int
Minor Flame Strike70Druidicfire attack
Nature's Salve80Druidichealing
Static Shock90Druidiclightning attack
Guiding Breeze100Druidic+skill (ranged skills)
Nature's Might111Druidic+str
Chill Breeze120Druidicice attack
Nature's Mending130Druidichealing
Nature's Gift140Druidic+dex, +con
Call Predator150Druidicsummon small wolf
Mind of the Predator160Druidic+str, +dex, +skill (staves, unarmed, dualweapon), -int
Mark of Fire170Druidicfire attack
Nature's Cure180Druidichealing
Lightning Strike190Druidiclightning attack
Spark of Life200Druidichealing (resurrection)
Nature's Power210Druidic+str
North Wind220Druidicmulti target ice attack
Nature's Remedy230Druidichealing
Nature's Blessing240Druidic+dex, +con
Call Woodland Trickster250Druidicsummon Wood Sprite
Aspect of the Predator260Druidic+str, +dex, +skill (staves, unarmed, dualweapon), -int
Burning Ray270Druidicfire attack
Natures Boon280Druidichealing
Storm's Vengeance290Druidiclightning attack
True Strike300Druidic+skill (ranged skills)
Nature's Grandeur310Druidic+str
Winter's Fury320Druidicmulti target ice attack
Secret Waters330Druidic#error#
Nature's Favor340Druidic+dex, +con
Call Beast350Druidicsummon Raging Bear
Spirit of the Predator360Druidic+str, +dex, +skill (staves, unarmed, dualweapon), -int
Volcanos Anger370Druidicfire attack
Natures Regeneration380Druidic#error#
Tempests Fury390Druidiclightning attack
Safe Haven400Druidic#error#
Force of Nature410Druidic+Str
Ice Age420Druidicmulti target ice attack
Aura of Healing430Druidicmulti target healing
Nature's Chosen440Druidic+dex, +con
Call Tiger450Druidicsummon Tiger
Soul of the Predator460Druidic+str, +dex, +skill (staves, unarmed, dualweapon), -int
Wildfire470Druidicmulti target fire attack
Healing Rain480Druidichealing
Stormcall490Druidicmulti target lightning attack
Nature in Balance500Druidic#error#
Minor Mental Blast10Illusioncurse (-int, -mp regen)
Illusionary Arrow20Illusionattack
Minor Acuity30Illusion+int
Spectral Touch40Illusionep attack
Forgotten Lesson50Illusioncurse (-weapons, -spellschools)
Minor Spirit Dart60Illusionep attack
Instill Uncertainty80Illusioncurse (stun)
Harbinger of Fear90Illusionsummon Fear Harbringer
Lesser Mental Blast100Illusionmp regeneration
Glimmer of Insight100Illusionmp regeneration
Minor Spirit Wave120Illusionmulti target ep&mp attack
Lesser Acuity130Illusion+int
Featherlight140Illusion+skill (encumbrance)
Mind Blank150Illusioncurse (-spellschool, -weaponskills)
Lesser Spirit Dart170Illusionep&mp attack
Instill Doubt180Illusioncurse (stun)
Harbinger of Panic190Illusionsummon panic harbringer
Spark of Insight200Illusionmp regeneration
Mental Blast210Illusion#error#
Lesser Spirit Wave220Illusionmulti target ep&mp attack
Increased Acuity230Illusion+int
Spectral Dart240Illusion#error#
Spirit Dart270Illusionep&mp attack
Harbringer of Terror290Illusion#error#
Meditative Insight300Illusionmp regeneration
Greater Mental Blast310Illusioncurse (-int, -mp regen)
Spirit Wave320Illusionmulti target ep&mp attack
Greater Acuity330Illusion+int
Infusion of Power340Illusion#error#
Mass Hallucination350Illusion#error#
Greater Spirit Dart370Illusionep&mp attack
Instill Fear380Illusioncurse (stun)
Spirit of Fear390Illusion#error#
Simri's Insight400Illusionmp regeneration
Major Mental Blast410Illusioncurse (-int, -mp regen)
Greater Spirit Wave420Illusionmulti target ep&mp attack
Major Acuity430Illusion+int
Mind Over Body440Illusion+skill (encumbrance)
Aspect of Simri460Illusionmp regeneration
Major Spirit Dart470Illusionep attack
Instill Dismay480Illusioncurse (stun)
Terrifying Apparition490Illusion#error#
Commanding Insight500Illusion#error#
Minor Curse of Weakness10Necromancycurse (-str, -con)
Necrotic Touch20Necromancyunholy attack
Essence of Darkness30Necromancy+int, +skill (necromancy), -str, -con
Minor Enervation40Necromancyunholy attack
Minor Animation50Necromancysummon fresh zombie
Minor Curse of Withering60Necromancycurse (-con, -dex)
Minor Spirit Aegis70Necromancyep ward
Skeletal Servant80Necromancysummon Mangled Skeleton
Lesser Curse of Weakness110Necromancycurse (-str, -con)
Essence of Spite130Necromancy+int, +skill (necromancy), -str, -con
Infernal Energies140Necromancyunholy attack
Lesser Animation150Necromancysummon carrion eater
Lesser Curse of Withering160Necromancycurse (-con, -dex)
Lesser Spirit Aegis170Necromancyep ward
Skeletal Apprentice180Necromancysummon Skeletal Apprentice
Dave Jones Locker190Necromancy#error#
Contagion200Necromancycurse (-hp&bp regen)
Curse of Weakness210Necromancycurse (-str, -con)
Wracking Touch220Necromancyunholy attack
Essence of Villainy230Necromancy+int, +skill (necromancy), -str, -con
Gloom Strike240Necromancyunholy attack
Curse of Withering260Necromancycurse (-con, -dex)
Skeletal Squire280Necromancysummon skeletal squire
Death House290Necromancy#error#
Pestilence300Necromancycurse (-hp&bp regen)
Greater Curse of Weakness310Necromancycurse (-str, -con)
Essence of Depravity330Necromancy+int, +skill (necromancy), -str, -con
Wave of Darkness340Necromancymulti target unholy attack
Greater Animation350Necromancysummon flesh eater
Greater Curse of Withering360Necromancycurse (-con, -dex)
Greater Unholy Spirit Aegis370Necromancyep ward
Skeletal Necromancer380Necromancy#error#
Crypt of Detention390Necromancy#error#
Plague400Necromancycurse (-hp&bp regen)
Major Curse of Weakness410Necromancycurse (-str, -con)
Essence of Pure Evil430Necromancy+int, +skill (necromancy), -str, -con
Eternal Night440Necromancymulti target unholy attack
Major Animation450Necromancysummon Vernal Ghoul
Major Curse of Withering460Necromancycurse (-con, -dex)
Major Unholy Spirit Aegis470Necromancyep ward
Skeletal Warrior480Necromancy#error#
Accursed Bastion490Necromancy#error#
Death’s Frozen Grip500Necromancy#error#
Healing Touch10Shamanichealing
Minor Healing20Shamanichealing
Minor Invigoration30Shamanic+con
Minor Restoration40Shamanichealing
Minor Sanctuary50Shamanichp&bp ward
Minor Smite60Shamanicholy attack
Minor Spirit Aegis70Shamanicep ward
Heal Minor Wounds80Shamanichealing
Minor Holy Touch90Shamanicep healing
Gift of Life100Shamanichealing (resurrection)
Holy Bolt110Shamanicholy attack
Lesser Healing120Shamanichealing
Lesser Invigoration130Shamanic+con
Lesser Restoration140Shamanichealing
Lesser Sanctuary150Shamanichp&bp ward
Healing Arc160Shamanicmulti target healing
Lesser Spirit Aegis170Shamanicep ward
Heal Lesser Wounds180Shamanichealing
Lesser Holy Touch190Shamanicep healing
Arise and Heal200Shamanichealing (resurrection+normal healing)
Lesser Aura210Shamanichp, bp, ep regeneration
Moderate Healing220Shamanichealing
Invigoration230Shamanic+str, +con
Moderate Restoration240Shamanichealing
Sanctuary250Shamanichp&bp ward
Circle of Healing260Shamanicmulti target healing
Holy Spirit Aegis270Shamanicep ward
Heal Moderate Wounds280Shamanichealing
Holy Touch290Shamanicep healing
Resurrection300Shamanichealing (resurrection)
Smite Evil310Shamanicholy attack
Greater Healing320Shamanichealing
Blessed Invigoration330Shamanic+str, +con
Greater Restoration340Shamanichealing
Greater Sanctuary350Shamanichp&bp ward
Aura of Healing360Shamanicmulti target healing
Greater Holy Spirit Aegis370Shamanicep ward
Heal Greater Wounds380Shamanichealing
Greater Holy Touch390Shamanicep healing
Temple Gate400Shamanicteleport to keep
Aura410Shamanichp, bp, ep regeneration
Major Healing420Shamanichealing
Holy Invigoration430Shamanic+str, +con
Major Restoration440Shamanichealing
Holy Sanctuary450Shamanichp&bp ward
Holy Smite460Shamanicmulti target holy attack
Major Holy Spirit Aegis470Shamanicep ward
Heal Major Wounds480Shamanichealing
Mass Holy Touch490Shamanicmulti target ep healing
Guardian Spirit500Shamanicsummon spirit that heals
Fire Dart10Sorceryfire attack
Ice Dart20Sorceryice attack
Shock Dart30Sorcerylightning attack
Acid Dart40Sorceryacid attack
Minor Elemental Shield50Sorceryelemental ward
Call Flame60Sorceryfire attack
Call Frost70Sorceryice attack
Call Lightning80Sorcerylightning attack
Call Acid90Sorceryacid attack
Element's Anger100Sorceryelemental attack
Fire Spray110Sorcerymulti target fire attack
Ice Spray120Sorcerymulti target ice attack
Shock Spray130Sorcerymulti target lightning attack
Acid Spray140Sorcerymulti target acid attack
Lesser Elemental Shield150Sorceryelemental ward
Fire Spear160Sorceryfire attack
Ice Spear170Sorceryice attack
Shock Spear180Sorcerylightning attack
Acid Spear190Sorceryacid attack
Sorcerer’s Finesse200Sorcery+ dex
Fire Salvo210Sorcerymulti target fire attack
Ice Salvo220Sorcerymulti target ice attack
Shock Salvo230Sorcerymulti target lightning attack
Acid Salvo240Sorcerymulti target acid attack
Elemental Shield250Sorceryelemental ward
Fire Lance260Sorceryfire attack
Ice Lance270Sorceryice attack
Shock Lance280Sorcerylightning attack
Acid Lance290Sorceryacid attack
Element's Rage300Sorceryelemental attack
Fire Wave310Sorcerymulti target fire attack
Ice Wave320Sorcerymulti target ice attack
Shock Wave330Sorcerymulti target lightning attack
Acid Wave340Sorcerymulti target acid attack
Great Elemental Shield350Sorceryelemental ward
Fire Blast360Sorceryfire attack
Ice Blast370Sorceryice attack
Shock Blast380Sorcerylightning attack
Acid Blast390Sorceryacid attack
Prestidigitator’s Boon400Sorcery+ dex
Fire Volley410Sorcerymulti target fire attack
Ice Volley420Sorcerymulti target ice attack
Shock Volley430Sorcerymulti target ice attack
Acid Volley440Sorcerymulti target acid attack
Major Elemental Shield450Sorceryelemental ward
Fiery Inferno460Sorcerymulti target fire attack
Ice Storm470Sorcerymulti target ice attack
Shock Barrage480Sorcerymulti target lightning attack
Acidic Deluge490Sorcerymulti target acid attack
Elemental Torrent500Sorcery4 random elements attack
Minor Ward10Summoningward
Summon Minor Minion20Summoningsummon Impling
Dark Insight30Summoning+int
Corrosive Touch40Summoningacid attack
Invisible Servant50Summoning+skill (encumbrance)
Minor Chains of Darkness60Summoningcurse (-str, -dex)
Minor Infernal Might70Summoning+str, +con
Summon Dark Apprentice80Summoningsummon Dark Apprentice
Minor Blood Call90Summoningattack
Retro-cognition100Summoning+skill (lore)
Lesser Ward110Summoningward
Summon Lesser Minion120Summoningsummon Minor Imp
Dark Knowledge130Summoning+int
Acid Vent140Summoningacid attack
Step Between Worlds150Summoningteleport to Kaj Blood Plains
Lesser Chains of Darkness160Summoningcurse (-str, -dex)
Lesser Infernal Might170Summoning+str, +con
Summon Dark Acolyte180Summoningsummon Dark Acolyte
Lesser Blood Call190SummoningBP attack
Crafter’s Gate200Summoningteleport to Carthas
Dark Ward210Summoningward
Summon Infernal Minion220Summoningsummon Young Imp
Dark Wisdom230Summoning+int
Acid Geyser240Summoningacid attack
Second Step Beyond250Summoningteleport to random location
Chains of Darkness260Summoningcurse (-str, -dex)
Infernal Might270Summoning+str, +con
Summon Dark Mage280Summoningsummon healing acolyte
Blood Call290Summoningattack
Harbor’s Gate300Summoning#error#
Greater Ward310Summoningward
Summon Greater Minion320Summoningsummon minor devourer
Dark Sapience330Summoning+int
Lava Spout340Summoningfire attack
Third Step Beyond350Summoningteleport to random location
Greater Chains of Darkness360Summoningcurse (-str, -dex)
Greater Infernal Might370Summoning+str, +con
Summon Dark Shaman380Summoningsummon healing acolyte
Greater Blood Call390SummoningBP attack
Fall’s Gate400Summoningteleport to Kendall Falls
Major Ward410Summoningward
Summon Major Minion420Summoningsummon Devourer
Dark Revelation430Summoning+int
HellFire440Summoningmulti target fire attack
Acashic Records450Summoning+skill (lore)
Prison of Darkness460Summoningcurse (-str, -dex)
Might of the Abyss470Summoning+str, +con
Summon Greater Imp480Summoningsummon Greater Imp
Major Blood Call490Summoningattack
Spirit Wreak500Summoningunholy attack

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