The life story of Taci
Please keep in mind that I normally speak Dutch, so it could be that there are some errors in the English spelling or grammar. I tried to make as little errors as possible though.

Chapter one: introduction

Taci Pravus wan once a normal Orc. He was a rather aggressive one, but that is common for Orcs. At first, he didn't have a second name. He was just known as Taci, meaning 'the quiet one'.
During his youth, he made some bad friends. Those turned him towards the evil side. As he got older, he became more and more evil. The people that knew him gave him a second name: Pravus, meaning "wicked" and "evil".
Taci didn't like armor and weapons. Those were for weak people. It was much more fun to beat things to death with only your bare hands. When he used armor or weapons, it was only some light leather clothing and handwraps.
When he heard his worst enemy, Iuturna was able to revive herself, he was furious. As he knew a lot of the death, he made a deal with the god of death. As Iuturna was likely going to escape from his great powers, someone would have to teach her a lesson. It had no use to kill her now, but in her new life she could be killed easily, because she wouldn't know how to resurrect herselve again.
The god of death liked the idea of a fight in the future to entertain him. It would be a quite boring fight if Taci would be revived with all his strength and Iuturna was still weak. This is why the god promised to resurrect Taci once Iuturna was alive again, but Taci would also be weak again.

A painting of Taci in his regular clothes.

Chapter two: A new world

As soon as the evil god, known as Sashos in Vormis, noticed that Iuturna was alive again, he allowed Taci to be reborn again. He wanted it to go fast and made a mistake. Not only did he revive Taci without his strength, but he also forgot to give back his memory.
This made Taci just an orc with somewhat the same personality as the old one, but not the completely wicked one he once was. He also forgot that he was there to fight Iuturna. Now that Taci was revived, there was no easy way to get his memory back. The only thing there was to try is to make sure he gets on the dark path again, and maybe learn him some illusion... in the hope that he would at least remember why he was here.
Sashos did think about one thing though: he didn't just resurrect Taci as a zombie or vampire, because those are never as strong as living creatures. (That's also the reason why he needed Taci: none of his zombies were strong enough to kill Iuturna.) Instead he made him be born again in a rather normal orc family. Then he send some Sashites to make sure Taci would go back on the evil path. They gave him some leather armor, as he didn't want to wear anything heavyer than that. Apparently his character was still the same as in the old times.

Chapter three: Not yet evil

Although Sashos tried the best he could to make Taci evil again, he was failing at it. Taci just liked to bash on everything. He didn't look if the creature was good or evil. Taci was too strong for his age and was looking for a real challenge. He liked fighting trolls, as those were also fighting without armor and weapons. They were good opponents, but rather weak ones. When Taci was 16 years old he could already beat the strongest trolls there were. He was looking for a bigger challenge.
He heard some strong bandits had taken over the Keep at Kaj Blood. This could finally be a real challenge. When he arrived there were already bodies of both parties scattered around the keep. Together with some other adventurers he killed the remaining bandits. They weren't as though as he thought. After the bandits were killed he brought the corpse of their leader to the barron. Taci was hoping he would get some reward for it. The baron was happy that the bandits had been killed and told Dunlavin to pay all adventurers that had defeaten him. Taci also got a part of the items that were given out by the bandit leader, but he didn't have a real use for them, so sold them to a pixie that was flying by.
A lot of paintings of the historic fights have been made, but not all of them can be displayed here. Only the best ones are shown here.

Two images of Taci killing some trolls.

Two paintings of where you can see Taci delivering Dunlavin to the barron.

A painting of Dunlavin locked in jail.

On this painting Taci recieves some items from the bandit leader.


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