Commands Sheet

/rtt revives your character  at the temple. respawns
/exit  log out of your character and goes back to character select
/quit Quits out of the game completely
/h Sends a message to the live GM Help channel
/help (topic) Searches the Help System for articles that match your query
/who GM lists GMs on duty for your server
F1 - Toggle magic/melee mode 
F2 - Toggle between auto-cast/attack 
F3 - Toggle auto-retreat 
(F3 in combat is Cancel current action. Usually only in the Prep stage of an action) 
Numbers from number pad to cast an offensive spell or begin a maneuver from the quickbar. 
F4 - Opens your combat maneuver menu 
[ select next enemy
]   select previous enemy
; select next party member
' select previous party member
Ctrl-A Initiates an attack on any creature you have selected with your mouse
F1 - Chat window 
F2 - Open encounter view 
F3 - Open Radar 
F4 - Open Map 
F5 - Open Spell list 
F6 - Status effect display (bar with boxes at very top of screen) 
F7 - Character Model (to equip/unequip item) 
F8 - Inventory (to equip/unequip items) 
F9 - Party List (F9 cycles through the view of the party list, No list, split at 5 list, and full list.) 
F10 - Character Info 
F12- Take Screenshot 
Hit numbers from number pad to an non-offensive spell or activate a macro from the quickbar. 
ctrl-i : open/close the target window 
. ; : put torch on/off 
Shift - # will take you to that # quick bar (1-0) 
Shift - +/- will cycle the quick bars 
Left arrow (or A) : turn left 
Right arrow (or D) : turn right 
Up arrow (or W) : move forward 
Down arrow (or S) : move backward 
Q : strafe left 
E : strafe right 
Space : Jump 
X : Toggle walk/run 
Number lock : Toggle autorun on/off (In combat hit to auto retreat) 
Ctrl + i - brings up the information window 
Ctrl + a - attacks the currently selected creature 
Ctrl + e - (in combat) brings up the enemy attack box 
On number pad (keypad) : 
0 : to change the character view, toggle from Third Person Free view, Third Person locked view, Static, First person (In first person view you can use you mouse by holding down the wheel in the center of the mouse and moving the mouse left or right to turn your charter left or right). 
8 : moves to camera up 
2 : moves the camera down 
4 : moves the camera left 
6 : moves the camera right 
5 : moves the camera to default position. 
+/- on the num pad zoom the camera out/in 
COMMUNICATING (F1 : Chat window). 
Enter - message - enter, to communicate with everyone near you. 
/ooc (message) : Out of Character Channel, seen by everyone in the zone. 
/h (message) : Help Channel, seen by everyone on the server 
with help channel turned on. 
/mentor (message) : Mentor channel, to talking in the mentor channel this can be used to find a mentor or mentee. 
/m (message) : Mentor chat. This chats with everyone you are mentoring or to the person who is mentoring you. 
/y (message) the yell message is seen bye everyone in the zone. 
/auc (message) auction channel, for selling items or buying items, seen by everyone in the zone. 
/whisper or /w (player name) (message) 
/w <player>,<player>,<player> <message> - whisper chat to multiple people 
/reply or /r to reply to a whisper 
ctrl-r : cycles through the last 5 people who whispered you 
/chatalias - displays the defined chat aliases 
/addchatalias #name thisMessage - adds a chat alias of #name 
#name in a text window displays thisMessage as defined in the alias  
Shift up or down - will cycle through previously entered text 
Shift+leftarrow  moves the cursor one letter to the left
Shift+rightarrow  moves the cursor one letter to the right
Pagedown scrolls the chat window down a  page
Pageup scrolls the chat window up a page
Home puts cursor at the beginning of the line
End puts the cursor at the end of the line
Insert toggles overwrite or insert mode
PARTY/GROUP COMMANDS (F9 : party window) 
Party limit : 10 
/p (message) : Party chat, seen by everyone in your party. 
/invite (person name) : to invite people in your party, or rick click on the character model and left click on invite. 
/leave - to leave a party 
/follow (name) - to follow someone else. They must be close by. 
/join yes - accepts party invitation 
/join no - rejects party invitation 
/cancel - cancels party invitation 
/remove <player> - removes a player from a party 
/g (message), the Guild chat is seen by everyone from the guild. 
/guild : to see all guild members online. 
/go (message), the Guild Officer chat, seen by Guild officer only. 
/go (no message) : to see all officer online. 
/guildall diesplays the entire guild roster 
/guildinvite name - if you're an officer invites name to the guild 
/guildleave - to leave a guild 
/guildowner - transfers guild ownership to another player 
/guildremove - to throw someone out of the guild (Owner and officer only) 
/guildofficer - make member an officer 
/guilddemote - demote from officer to member. 
/mentorinvite name 
/mentorremove name - invites/removes name from your mentor group 
/mentor (message) : Mentor channel, to talking in the mentor channel this can be used to find a mentor or mentee. 
/m (message) : Mentor chat. This chats with everyone you are mentoring or to the person who is mentoring you. 
<SPACEBAR> makes you jump 
/me OR /em- to emote an action. 
*** Adding emote text following an emote will do a simultaneous text emote in your chat window while you perform the animated emote. Example: /dance is an excellent dancer, or /wave waves to the friendly people. *** 
/friends (name) : adds or removes a friend from your friends list
/friends : lists people in your friend's list
/who friends : lists your friends online
/who show's everyone online
/who (partial character name) lists everyone online with a name that begins with your input
/who zone shows people in your current zone
/who lfg shows people who are looking for a group
/who class (class name) lists players who are of the specified class
/who gm lists GMs on duty for your server
/tailor - displays your tailoring rank in /who 
/fletcher - displays your fletching rank in /who 
/armorsmith - displays your armorsmithing rank in /who 
/weaponsmith - displays your weaponsmithing rank in /who 
/time displays 
/dir tells you which direction you're facing
/camp  uses your Camping skill
/heal uses your First Aid skill
/lfg flags you as looking for group. Type /lfg again to turn it off.
Escape closes the window your mouse is hovering over
/report sends your chatlog (including whispers) directly to the GM Staff for disciplinary review
/ignore (character name) turns off reception of all chat messages from this person
/bug (description) sends a message about a bug you've found to the bug tracking database

This website was created by Tman and provides information about Rubies of Eventide, devlopped by Mnemosyne LLC.
Some of the information was taken from ROE Warcry and Lore of Eventide.