Game info and help
  Manual More information about the game
  ROE mods list ROE mods list by DaMasta

Character builders and tutorials for small mods.
  Character Planner My own version of the character planner. It calculates your build and also suggests races, professions, initial stats,... It also calculates armor enc., %chance to cast a spell,...
  Character Builder The official character builder.
  Windowed mode This is a tutorial for playing the game in windowed mode. This is usefull so that the game wouldn't stretch out if you have a widescreen, but the game will crash more because it looses focus.
  Widescreen mode This is a copy of a post by Dunlavin, where he explains how to play RoE in widescreen mode.
  Make char lvl pic This is a textfile that explains how to make a picture of your characters lvl that will be updated. This is usefull to display its lvl on your own html-pages.

Mods and skins
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This website was created by Tman and provides information about Rubies of Eventide, devlopped by Mnemosyne LLC.
Some of the information was taken from ROE Warcry and Lore of Eventide.