Lets start with the overgrown bugs.

and while we are going to the ruins we pass by some greater ents.

When we arrive in ruins we see a dead party... bad sashites

But the sashites sometimes also kill me :(

But I'll have my revenge! (I killed em but a screenshot of an empty room doesnt say much, does it? :P)
Let's check if the deadbinger is there
Hey looks like thalas is up!

and his brother is also here

now lets go to ruins 3 where alastaire has been a bad gnome...

Someone told me akvan is up so i teleport to kajblood... and look who is there (ow he is kinda small)

Now lets go to where we came for: akvan

I used a special spell to let his sword fly so he would just hit with his bare hands :P

There are still a few enemies left to kill, like the Tomb Guardian.

So it is already passed 30 hours now so it's time to go sleep for a small dwarf ;)
Too bad that the gost scytheran didn't show up, so I havent got a screenshot of it.


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