The life story of Iuturna
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Chapter one: introduction

Iuturna Viviana was once a mighty elf. She lived in the ancient Roman world.
She would help all people in need: help the poor, cure the ill, revive those who died before their time had come,... and lots more.
That’s why the people gave her this name: Iuturna comes from the Latin word iuvare, which means 'to help' and Viviana comes from vivere, which means ‘to live’. So she helped people to live.  The people were very thankful and made bas-relief's and paintings of her. Unfortunately the bas-relief's are rather poor quality and there is only one picture left.
Sometimes she had to kill the creatures that were threatening the good and innocent people. She didn’t like that part, but otherwise more innocent would die.
She mastered all the life spell schools and when she combined all of them, she created some very special spells. One of these was a spell to obtain eternal beauty. She couldn’t make one for eternal life though. But she was able to make a very similar spell: she would be reborn once she died of old age. That way she could keep helping people. Unfortunately she could only cast these spells on herself, so she would loose all her friends every time. She also didn’t know where she would be reborn, so all her items would be lost too. Even her memory would be almost completely erased. Only her looks, her will to help people and the spell to keep her eternal beauty would stay.

One of the many bas-relief's of Iuturna.

The only painting of Iuturna that was found.

Chapter two: A new world

Iuturna was reborn in the world of Vormis. The people spoke a weird language there, known as Praxic, but she could only speak Latin and Heiroform. The first years of her life she spend studying that new language and started reading about the history of Vormis. By reading this, she saw that her help was needed in the city of Kaj Blood. The baron of that city even asked for young adventurers to help him defeating evil. Unfortunately Iuturna could only remember a few very basic spells, like one to heal some minor wounds. She even forgot how to summon her best friend, a loyal and friendly bear.
Here she was in a total new place without strength, friends, money, spells or items. But that was not important, Iuturna needed to help these people. She carried notes and letters for the local inhabitants. Her reputation became better and the locals even gave her a few silver coins for it. She gave this money to a druid that lived in town, so he could teach her how she could get her best friend, the bear, back. He also told her how to create a small blast of ice to protect herself against evil creatures. The spell to make the minor artic blast was easy, but she just couldn’t make her friend spawn. The druid told her she would need more development to be able to cast it. He also said that there were a guard that needed help and a nice shaman in the keep just north of there that would resurrect her if she died. The first few weeks he would even summon her items with her if she died.
Once arrived at the keep, the guard told Iuturna that he would really like it if she would get the kobolds out of the mines just a little to the west. He would even pay her if she brought him the teeth. This was the perfect opportunity to get some experience, help people and earn some money at the same time. She arrived at the mines, but the kobolds surrounded and killed Iuturna. Luckily Harmon was there to resurrect her. She tried this 3 times, but died every time. She was just to weak without friends. She asked some other people if they would help her. There was an ogre axeman, a gnome conjurer and one of them was a leshy sorcerer, but she knew that deep inside this leshy was not bad. After all, he was helping the locals by killing the kobolds.
The whole group of people went to the mines and slaughtered the kobolds. Some of the group died and Iuturna was very sad that she couldn’t resurrect them yet, so she carried them to Harmon. He was able to resurrect them so that the group could continue.
Finally Iuturna had practiced enough and was able to summon her bear-friend... well actually it didn't always work as she also summoned some boars and wolfs, but hopefully she would summon her bear more often if she practiced more. The other animals were not bad, but she just preferred her friend. One of the boars she summoned even helped her to protect the city of Kay Blood against an invasion of goblins.
She was very happy that she she had her best friend back, but she wanted to have some non-animal friends too. She heard of a lot of guilds where friends met each other… she hoped to be invited to one in time. Maybe those people would even give her some basic items to make it easier for her to aid people. Maybe some earrings, or a nice necklace…? She was convinced that there would be lots of kind people, but she just hadn’t found them yet.
In the mean time she just helped people on her own. She continued her path and gave advice to other young adventurers that needed it and she killed creatures that were bothering the townies.

The first picture of Iuturna in her new life.

A kind boar helps Iuturna to defend Kaj Blood.

Chapter three: A new friend

While Iuturna was killing kobolds in the mine to help the villagers, she saw that she was suddenly surrounded. The kobolds just kept coming and she got killed. Harmon told her a few days earlier that he was still able to resurrect her, but it would cost him too much energy to summon her items. There was no one near, so Iuturna decided to let him teleport and resurrect her. By the time she came back in the mine to get her items, the place was crowded with angry kobolds. She tried to get to her items, but just died again. After trying this 4 times, she was about to give up. Then a leshy came out of nowhere and casted some spells on her so the kobolds were unable to harm her. She thanked him and went to the mines. The kobolds were hitting her, but she couldn’t even feel it. What a relief, her items were still lying there on the floor. She quickly grabbed them and went out of the mines. She wanted to tell the friendly leshy that thanks to him she got her items back, but he was gone. She couldn’t even feel his mental presence anywhere in Vormis.
Maybe the leshy was a member of those friendly and strong guild around Vormis and possibly the guild wanted to help her, but it was just too early to join for her. That’s why he was gone again... to help others. She kept wondering about it, but couldn’t think of any better reason why he was there when needed and disappeared afterwards. Then again, that's exactly what she did back in the ancient Roman world, so it wouldn't be that surprising.
A few days later Iuturna was walking around in the city of kay blood. A human wearing clothes that were blessed by the Sashos came to her and asked if she wanted to join on a bear-hunting party. Iuturna was shocked that people would kill these harmless creatures. She said that it would be a much better idea to kill bandits. Priyanka told her that she once was a homely girl, but she turned to the Sashos for more strength to help her through her problems. She didn't forget about her roots though and would like to help Iuturna so that others wouldn't have to suffer as she did. Together they killed the whole bandit camp in the southern plains of Kaj Blood. Priyanka and Iuturna became friends.
Priyanka then asked if Iuturna wanted to kill some undead flesh eaters with her. Those creatures were very evil, so they both went to the Kharentian Bluffs and killed all of them. Priyanka asked why Iuturna didn't use a staff. The answer was really easy: she didn't have one. Priyanka told Iuturna to go to her sister in the keep of Kaj Blood. She would give her a staff. It was a dangerous staff with a skull on it. Iuturna decided to give it to Harmon. He was very pleased with it and gave her a staff of light.

This is a painting of Iuturna and Priyanka just after they slaughtered the bandits.

Chapter four: The best ability there is

While Priyanka and Iuturna were on their way to kill more flesh eaters, they came by a group of other people that wanted to join them. They killed all of the evil creatures, but they kept coming out of the gate in the rocks. It was too dangerous to go inside for them. It was impossible to get rid of the source of the flesh eating problem, so the only thing they could do was to make sure the consequences were not too big. Wave after wave they annihilated them. Iuturna was very busy to heal all her wounded friends, while the others kept trying to kill them and in some way block the passage. After a while they had the situation under control.
Thanks to the things Iuturna learned in these fights, she started to remember how she could help fallen heroes by resurrecting them. She was almost certain how to do it, but maybe it was more safe to ask a skilled trainer in Kaj Blood if it was really the right spell. When the group was sure that the flesh eaters wouldn't come back soon, they decided to head to Kay Blood to rest a while. Iuturna went to the master shaman in Kaj Blood city and she was indeed right about the spell. The trainer was surprised that she learned so fast and also learned her how to attack with a bold of holy energy. Undead creatures and demons would receive great damage from holy energy, but on most common monsters it would have almost no effect. This was useful, because if she would accidentally hit the wrong guy he wouldn't die. The master shaman told her that hese two spells would become her most life-saving abilities.
While Iuturna was in town, she heard about some big demonic slimes that were ravaging the north side of the province of Kendall Falls. Maybe she should check it out and try to make that region safer. But then she heard about people much stronger than her that had been slain by these creatures, so she decided to go there later. Priyanka said that they could go inside the bane now that Iuturna was able to resurrect her if she died.
They both entered the creepy place and killed the skeletons and man-eaters in there. Iuturna healed her friend when needed and also helped by using her new spell to kill the evil creatures. Suddently a ghost came in the room and killed Priyanka with two bolds of dark energy. Luckily Iuturna was able to run away to safty. When the ghost was gone, she quickly carried her friends corpse out of the evil place and resurrected her. Her trainer semmed to have been right... these spells were indeed very usefull.

A drawing of Iuturna greeting her Shaman trainer.

Chapter five: Making Kendall Falls safe

Now she knew she would be safer, Iuturna decided to go to Kendall Falls and help the people there by killing the demonic and slimy creatures there. There was a nice bard in the city, Iuturna talked to him while she was waiting for her friends to arrive. The bard was very pleased that they would clear make the north of the province safer.
When Priyanka arrived, she told her that a friend of her would also join. Once everyone was ready, they went on their way to kill the demons. It seemed that the two other people weren't as good as Iuturna thought... they said that they also hunted tigers to make profit of their pelts. This must have been the dark side of them that came on the surface. Iuturna wasn't happy with this, so every time they wanted to kill one she ran away, because she didn't want to see the creature die. It wouldn't help to just leave the two others there, as they would kill the animals anyway. Maby she could even resurrect the tigers later on.
Suddently a gigantic slimy creature apeared at the horizon. Everyone was terrified. Luckily a strong orc was hunting the creature, but he said he would need help to kill it. Only Iuturna was brave enough to initiate the combat together with the orc. She healed him as much as she could, while he was beating the slime. When the creature died, it dropped a lot of stuff. The orc took everything, but gave Iuturna a shiny red gem. Iuturna was very happy with the gift. The orc went away, telling the others that he would make the place safer by killing all the gnome-eating spiders there.
In the mean time Priyanka's friend had left, so only the 2 friends were there. They continued killing slimes and helped the people of Kendall Falls a lot. After a while the gnome eating spiders came back though and they had to run constantly, and could only fight now and then. After a lot of trouble, they managed to evade the spiders more and continue killing the slimes. In the end they were certain they had made the whole area safer.

A painting of Iuturna and Priyanka killing demonic slimy creatures.

Chaper six: helping the monks

Iuturna and her bear were wandering around Kharentian Bluffs and passed by a monastery. The guard in front of the door told her that some wasps and trolls were botthering the monks inside. He wouldn't open the door untill Iuturna killed enough trolls and proved this by bringing their teeth. Trolls were dangerous creatures, so Iuturna called some friends and asked if they would help her. Together they killed some of the weaker ones, while a group of stronger people killed the strong trolls.
The next nights they were the only group that was killing the trolls. They couldn't handle all of them, but every troll that was gone was one less to worry about. After a few nights the guard of the keep also told Iuturna that she was now allowed to enter the monastery at day if she would give him her weapons first. She entered the monastery and talked to a few monks. One of them was willing to sell her some staffs, but Iuturna didn't have enough money for it. She decided to come back once she had the money.
Iuturna woke up in the forest, where she had been sleeping, like all other days. Suddently she noticed that there was a cape lying next to her. It was a good looking white and purple cape. She looked around, but there was noone in the environment. She had no idea who would have given this to her, but she was happy with it.
Iuturnas clothes were getting damaged from all her adventures. Maybe it would be a good idea to learn how to fix them. She bought some cloth and started practicing. She broke most of the things she was trying to make, but it got better. At the end of the day she was even able to make a pair of pants, as she didn't have very good pants before. She was also able to repair her damaged clothes.
Now that her clothes were fixed, she went back to the monastery. It's not because the guard there told her that she killed enough trolls to enter the monastery, that all the danger was gone. There were still lots of evil trolls alive. She felt as it was her duty to make the area safer. She also made new friends that helped her to kill the trolls. Lots of them worshipped one or more evil gods, but they all had their reasons to do some good in the world and kill these trolls. Some of them didn't really care about their gods and just wanted to become as powerfull as possible. They just worshipped the evil gods because they thought it would get them their glory faster. Iuturna didn't really care what their motives were to kill the trolls, as long as they were doing good things it didn't matter.
After a while Iuturna felt she understood the ways of nature better and went to Kaj Blood to learn some new druidic spells. Her teacher learned her an to launch multiple ice blasts at several enemies. He also told that if she would practice a little more, there might be an elf in the Harrowed Wold that would learn her how to summon a Pixie. Pixies were kind creatures, and Iuturna always wanted one to have some company when her bear and friends had other things to do. She decided she would visit the elf the next day.

A drawing of Iuturna while she is killing trolls.

Chaper seven: an unexpected turn

Iuturna went to the bane with a lot of friends she had made back when she was hunting trolls. They killed every creature on the first floor and decided to go deeper inside. Some of them died, but there were enough people able to resurrect them. When they had whiped out most of that part of the bane, Iuturna felt tired and decided it was time for her to go to sleep. She went out and made her bed in the nereby woods.
The next morning she didn't wake up. It was like if she was in a coma. Possibly one of the banshees had cast an evil spell on her that caused this. Her animal friends stayed with her, hoping she would awake soon and they protected her from all evil creatures that wanted to harm her while she was unable to defend herselve. Noone knew how long she would remain asleep, but everyone was sure she would awake later in the future.

A painting made by Iuturna's pixie. You can see her three pets guard her sleeping body.
[click on this picture for the bigger editted screenshot]

Chaper eight: the awakening

As Iuturna was still asleep, her animal friends discussed how they could wawaken her again. The pixie heard that a magical ancient elven cloak had been found. Some bandits had stolen it, but now that they were defeaten all their posessions had been fiven away. After some searching the pixie found that the old enemy of Iuturna, Taci, had the cape. Luckily Taci didn't seem to remember anything about the ancient Roman world. He had no idea of the true powers of the cape. He thought it was just an ordinary elven cloak, like they sold it in the shop. The pixie went to Taci and bought the cape of him.
The pixie brought the cape to the place where they were guarding the sleeping Iuturna. It removed the cape Iuturna was wearing and equiped the new cape to her. The ancient magical cape removed the curse that was on Iuturna and she woke up again.
She had been asleep for a rather long time and her bear had already grown now. All of her pets also got stronger because they learned a lot about fighting while they were defending their sleeping friend. Her friends told her what happened and what they had done to help her. It was bad news that Taci was also in Vormis, but not everything was lost. He didn't remember her and he also wasn't evil yet. She just had to make sure Sashos wouldn't try to make him bad again. Now she only had to figure out how to do that.


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