Wrong place?
I don't think I should be here... I might fall and die.

Later on the day I want to go in that building there at the horizon... without zoning

I'm already climbing on the wall :)

And I got in without zoning :)

This is the building I was looking for :)

hmm and how to open this door?

Ow and if you were thinking kajblood is the only city where you can do this you are wrong. My mage can get in Carthas too :)

The next time I got in kaj blood, I brought a friend.

I wonder if I would have a better view on kaj blood plains if I would go on the keep.

well, maby the timing was rather bad, but this thing looks good too.

I have also been on other roofs, like the one of bane 3.

And I was in the adventurers guild, but it was rather crowded in there.

Everyone wanted to own the place, so people started to fight. The super-flurry killed me :-(.

Here I think I was swimming a little too far, between the boats.

I was also invited on Founders Isle... but since I can't affort paying for the game, I'm not supposed to be there.


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